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    Otherwise, Eclipse will NOT pick up your executable as you build them.

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    I'm learning that I enjoy that role.”Jeanne said, “This is so hot.”Placing a finger to her lips, Abby said, “Jeanne, hush, let him tell us what he wants. You want Mark to fuck your ass.”Giggling, Jeanne said, “Yes I do.”I said, “I want that too, only I want to watch.”Abby said, “And you can.”“But I want to watch as a passive cuckold.”Jeanne asked, “What does that mean Michael? Abby, Ruth and I would love to take turns sucking your cock during the party.”Shaking her head, Abby said, “Last night you made me promise to keep your cage an intimate secret between the three of us. I don't understand.”“Believe me, I still want to hold you to that promise. I continued, “Last night, as I was falling asleep, I thought about the question Abby just asked me. All of them are very discreet.”“How often are any of us presented with an opportunity to actually act out our sexual fantasies? Jeanne, you and I are taking every opportunity to live out our sexual fantasies. You love it when your neighbors see your male callers parking in your driveway.”“I do.” Jeanne was smiling.“Your husband has recognized that tonight he is being provided with a safe opportunity to experience his fantasy. Tonight you're going to be my cuckold husband, but I'm still not sure what that really means? I just thought it might be kind of kinky.”I said, “I think we have to do it. I wouldn't want to miss that opportunity because I was worried about appearances.”Abby said, “This group would be more judgmental if they thought you were too uptight to play the role you want to play.”“Thank you, I was quite certain that was the case.”“Okay, tonight you're my cuckold husband.” Jeanne smiled. He is full of love, so full of love that I can share him without fear or concern.”Abby looked at Jeanne. Look in his eyes and kiss him.”Abby asked, “Are you sure? She straddled my lap, sat down and threw her arms around my neck. Standing next to us, Jeanne said, “And now we are three.”Nodding, I repeated, “And now we are three.”Abby asked, “Can we do this?I'm not yet ready to have this secret appear as a banner headline on the front page of The New York Times.”Grinning, Jeanne said, “That would be a bit embarrassing.” I winked at her. Do you really think that Mark and Bobby or Ruth, David and Matt will be judgmental? “My beloved cuckold husband.”Abby said, “Mine too, I get to love him too.”Jeanne and I both looked at Abby. ”“Yes, I am very sure.”Turning to me, Abby asked, “May I? After a moment she added, “Please.”I extended my hand. I mean really do it.”I said, “Five months ago I would have said, no, but now I understand that all it requires is love and trust. ”Giggling, Abby answered, “I am so ready to love and trust.”While we were talking Jeanne had attached the key to my chastity cage to her silver chain.Abby and Jeanne both dressed in what they called business slut, slacks tailored to be tight in the rear, daringly low cut ruffled blouses worn over skimpy lace brassieres and two inch heels. I dressed in well worn khakis and a baggy sweatshirt. For a minute or two the three of us ate in silence. Sometimes intense feelings are best expressed through silence.Finally Jeanne said, “Micheal, it's Friday.”I was reading the previous day's college basketball scores in the sports page. As I took a sip of my coffee I noticed that Abby was watching me carefully. Finally Jeanne said, “We'll be home by .”I answered, “I'll be here.”At I heard the garage door open. I hurriedly swept the saw dust and wood shavings into my dust pan, dumped it into the trash barrel, took off my shop apron, hung it on the hook by the door and hurried upstairs.

    As soon as I was finished I hurried into the living room.

    “Michael, we've talked about these parties constantly. Jeanne said, “It's not nice to tease your wife.”“Even about a sex party she's planning? I couldn't stop thinking about the evening ahead of me. Once we were done Jeanne prepared a small bag of ice cubes and then we hurried to the bedroom to get dressed for the party.

    ”“Especially about a sex party she's planning.”Still giggling, Abby asked, “So are we on for tonight? In the bedroom the three of us peeled off our clothes and showered together in the master bath.

    As Bobby handed his to me he said, “Thank you Michael.” He paused and quickly added. We understand you prefer it to Mike.”“I do prefer Michael and I would like it if you called me that, but only if you'll allow me to call you Mark and Bobby.”Mark smiled.

    “I think we can agree on that.”Also smiling, Bobby said, “And I think we should congratulate ourselves for so deftly negotiating what might have been an awkward first encounter.”I said, “You mean meeting the husband of a woman you're both fucking.”Bobby nodded. It also gives me the impression that you're a man who doesn't mince words.”“I can't see that there would be much point in doing that.

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