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    But analysts say if both siblings are now in exile their time in Thailand's spin dryer political arena is over.'It is the end of the Shinawatras and the Pheu Thai party in politics,' Puangthong Pawakpan, a Thai politics expert at Bangkok's Chulalongkorn University.'With two family members as fugitives, the family loses political legitimacy,' she said, adding that Yingluck's departure would be welcomed by a Thai junta weary of the prospect of her political martyrdom in jail. He pulled down the front of her top revealing swaying mounds of her tits and she tried to smash the glass on his head. In the long run, he can always be counted on to overcome his fear and confront danger with a hearty cry of "Zoinks!

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    Thank's for you reply Amos, I have downloaded negotiate_wrapper and set my squid-config as Markus described here; I can connect the web over Squid, but it seems like it still use the old NTLM system; here is the new log files; -- tail -f 2012/01/12 | negotiate_wrapper: Got 'YR Tl RMTVNTUAABAAAAl4II4g AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGAb Ed AAAADw==' from squid (length: 59).

    2012/01/12 | negotiate_wrapper: Decode 'Tl RMTVNTUAABAAAAl4II4g AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGAb Ed AAAADw==' (decoded length: 40).

    But, (important but here) today, i see that, my client machine requests and get the tickets AFTER the browser send and gets the HTML packets.The problem has been asked and replied many times on both the squid-users list and on the web, I have read them all, and tried to solve the problem. 2012/01/11 | squid_kerb_auth: DEBUG: Decode 'Tl RMTVNTUAABAAAAl4II4g AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGAb Ed AAAADw==' (decoded length: 40).2012/01/11 | squid_kerb_auth: WARNING: received type 1 NTLM token 2012/01/11 | authenticate Negotiate Handle Reply: Error validating user via Negotiate.I have seen where the Public Key isn’t fully copied and pasted into Dynamics Online System User will cause an error validating.MIICi TCCAf Kg Aw IBAg IQ5br5Qh N Pp RGFm RK1d Da QDANBgkqhki G9w0BAQUFADA5MTcw NQYDVQQDEy5Na WNyb3Nv Zn Qg RHlu YW1p Y3Mg T25sa W5l IEF1d Ghlbn Rp Y2F0a W9u IFRva 2Vu MB4XDTEy MDgx OTIz MDU1Nlo XDTIy MDgx ODIz MDU1Nlow OTE3MDUGA1UEAx Mu TWljcm9zb2Z0IER5bm Fta WNz IE9ub Glu ZSBBd XRo ZW50a WNhd Glvbi BUb2tlbj CBnz ANBgkqhki G9w 0BAQEFAAOBj QAwg Yk Cg YEAlajz IN TYH0 Ch3Pj OFOp D3ia MCVWADm VGIa VXDy DInzv/SHxm3b/9xk6t ZLp A82vy XXrvc/0/b/G6v XQGpre MRJrjm79q04h49/BQ8k244v0y XN w0z MJg YGpe PKMk/cnmk Mw AJhj D0m Dyyo3ugvnt QB9Ek NQWPN4UJwb2ljk CAw EAAa OBk TCBjj ATBg NVHSUEDDAKBggr Bg EFBQc DAj Ad Bg NVHQ4EFg QUb Ty P1Nw BBam GHu Xu Xc Bjw Jw QZm Mw WAY DVR0BBFEw T6E7MDkx Nz A1Bg NVBAMTLk1p Y3Jvc29md CBEe W5hb Wljcy BPbmxpbm Ug QXV0a GVud Glj YXRpb24g VG9r ZW6CEOW6 UITfj6URh Zk St XQ2k Aw DQYJKo ZIhvc NAQEFBQAD g YEAE4w Ky08BWjw B2J0VKYz S2SPw WNIXKf BYbawc DBl ZGE3AW/z TQWqxa Isj9h Ptif Lwkdp Yp4Tb EPm YQu/Wvk3eayms Oj4V4TEDij USs BUl UWL7/q5y UBHWkv7EGPa Rsyr03Oe WOk/J/s6 w0o QOMBSDEAm Z A8gh Zsfl Q012Q7GYtk= When the Public key value is pasted in the Public key field for the New System User that is created in the Customer Portal (above), if the value already exists you will receive an error.

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