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    Gemni on the cusp dating

    I have a Gemini boyfriend; I do in my heart know that he loves me deeply.

    We have a beautiful son together and he proposed to me with an expensive ring.

    I’ve been with other astrology signs but Gemni can be tricky and don’t like to be bore with the same ol’ same ol. have an excellent brain power, always thinking and analyzing things and he is extremely intelligent!

    I seen his interest wonder when a lady pass him and she happens to look like Kim Kardashian or Meagan Fox.

    " The Mature Gemini will make your life a learning journey of constant evolution and "gain" of different insights and skills.

    Show him you are open to learning new things, and he will love every moment of growing old with you in the process!! Thats just a geminis personality,they are very friendly and charming,they know how to cheat very well but in there brains flirting and cheating are two completely different things they think of it as: If they were talking to a girl who you dont know,and all they were doing is talking and flirting he thinks of it as flirting because thats just the way they function if they exchanged numbers or anything, you might wanna get ready for a brawl but before you start jumping to conclusions ask him who she was because he could be a family member or a close friend (but watch out for them they do like to play around with "close friends")if youre not sexually satisfying them the way they want so you should do someting to keep him around if he's worth it but if not...it's up to you.

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    found out he was trying to convince her tht he would leave mewhen he got a job. but i couldnt put up with the abuse and neglect any longer.This happens a couple of times but made it clear that I dislike his eyes wonder off and checking out other women.I made it crystal clear if he ever thinks of cheating on me, I will end the relationship so fast that his head will spin! It has settled down in that department and he has showed improvement.Great Actors, Cheaters, Lairs, Two-Faced, Selfish, And They Like To Believe Their Manhood Is B. Always seemed to be digging for some trait in me that would justify not making an investment in our relationship even though I felt a strong passionate connection with him. The not being able to relax and have faith in him to stick around ate away at my sexual desire for him. Well i had had enuf of all his bad ways when he cheated on me with his ex and i took him bk.I felt judged and insecure in the "relationship" and he had little concept of nurturing me, but was easily accepting of my doting and support. i thought he was seriously sorry and we cud move on with our relationship without her.

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