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    “It’s changing so much about the way we act both romantically and sexually,” Garcia says.

    Observer online dating

    The photo on the CD cover is one of many I have had up on an online dating website over the past couple of years. The line that reveals that a singer doesn't think she can affect change, doesn't think she can write a hit, but she has to try -- reveals another issue: complacency, and the viability of art/music as protest and as a way to influence social change.

    I am writing about my dating experiences for my third book F. We wrote "The Caribou and the Oil Pipeline" in the summer, rehearsed it a lot, performed it live and then, once in the studio, I added piano, guitar, cymbals and two more vocal tracks.

    The Message -- AIDs in Africa and how the west has the drugs required to reduce suffering but will not make them accessible because of a capitalist agenda.

    Mecca Normal has a history of writing songs about various social concerns, feminism, injustice, poverty, prison justice, housing, capitalism etc.

    Notes on the CD by Jean Smith Mecca Normal is a current band -- a rock band as opposed to high art, poetry or performance art. The songs on The Observer are abbreviated cross-sections of dates, and short relationships.

    We don't want to focus on the past, our history, or roles we may have played. We want the focus to be on the content of the CD -- the music, the lyrics, the vocals, the visual. I say this CD has the best Mecca Normal guitar sound ever. Online dating provides an excellent place to learn about the male / female dynamic when sex is concerned.

    The Observer ( piano, guitar, sax, keyboard) -- Observation on public transit and a reference to an era when talking about beauty with a loved one was a thing unto itself, an activity to enjoy.

    Recorded by Jordan Koop at The Hive, near Vancouver, Canada. Vancouver duo Mecca Normal is guitarist David Lester and vocalist/lyricist/multi-instrumentalist Jean Smith.

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    There is a literary quality to the CD -- short stories arrive as beautiful songs. At 46, I feel sexier than ever, and yet, by society's standards, I am not doing well at all -- no man, no kids, no car, no house.

    Out of previous relationship long enough to be feeling fine and not hooked on the hunt for the next conquest. After about six months of deception and lies I felt my intuition and trust were in upheaval.

    We recorded it at rehearsal and didn't play it again until we were in the studio.

    Women make things, practical things, but this is not what he considers 'art'. Fallen Skier ( piano, sax, synth, percussion) -- A first date. The Message ( piano, guitar, synth, percussion, keyboard) -- Canadian UN ambassador Stephen Lewis was determined to improve the situation for AIDs patients in Africa.

    On a visit to a community, information is presented to him in the form of a song. In some other cultures music is a way to communicate ideas that promote social change.12.

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