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    C.; the name is also associated with Emperor Bharata, the legendary conqueror of all of India conventional long form: Republic of Indonesia conventional short form: Indonesia local long form: Republik Indonesia local short form: Indonesia former: Netherlands East Indies, Dutch East Indies etymology: the name is an 18th-century construct of two Greek words, "Indos" (India) and "nesoi" (islands), meaning "Indian islands" conventional long form: Islamic Republic of Iran conventional short form: Iran local long form: Jomhuri-ye Eslami-ye Iran local short form: Iran former: Persia etymology: name derives from the Avestan term "aryanam" meaning "Land of the noble [ones]" conventional long form: Republic of Iraq conventional short form: Iraq local long form: Jumhuriyat al-Iraq/Komar-i Eraq local short form: Al Iraq/Eraq etymology: the name probably derives from "Uruk" (Biblical "Erech"), the ancient Sumerian and Babylonian city on the Euphrates River conventional long form: none conventional short form: Ireland local long form: none local short form: Eire etymology: the modern Irish name "Eire" evolved from the Gaelic "Eriu," the name of the matron goddess of Ireland (goddess of the land); the names "Ireland" in English and "Eire" in Irish are direct translations of each other conventional long form: State of Israel conventional short form: Israel local long form: Medinat Yisra'el local short form: Yisra'el etymology: named after the ancient Kingdom of Israel; according to Biblical tradition, the Jewish patriarch Jacob received the name "Israel" ("He who struggles with God") after he wrestled an entire night with an angel of the Lord; Jacob's 12 sons became the ancestors of the Israelites, also known as the Twelve Tribes of Israel, who formed the Kingdom of Israel conventional long form: Italian Republic conventional short form: Italy local long form: Repubblica Italiana local short form: Italia former: Kingdom of Italy etymology: derivation is unclear, but the Latin "Italia" may come from the Oscan "Viteliu" meaning "[Land] of Young Cattle" (the bull was a symbol of southern Italic tribes) conventional long form: none conventional short form: Japan local long form: Nihon-koku/Nippon-koku local short form: Nihon/Nippon etymology: the English word for Japan comes via the Chinese name for the country "Cipangu"; both Nihon and Nippon mean "where the sun originates" and are frequently translated as "Land of the Rising Sun" conventional long form: Bailiwick of Jersey conventional short form: Jersey etymology: the name is of Old Norse origin, but the meaning of the root "Jer(s)" is uncertain; the "-ey" ending means "island" conventional long form: Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan conventional short form: Jordan local long form: Al Mamlakah al Urduniyah al Hashimiyah local short form: Al Urdun former: Transjordan etymology: named for the Jordan River, which makes up part of Jordan's northwest border conventional long form: Republic of Kazakhstan conventional short form: Kazakhstan local long form: Qazaqstan Respublikasy local short form: Qazaqstan former: Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic etymology: the name "Kazakh" derives from the Turkic word "kaz" meaning "to wander," recalling the Kazakh's nomadic lifestyle; the Persian suffix "-stan" means "place of" or "country," so the word Kazakhstan literally means "Land of the Wanderers" conventional long form: Republic of Kenya conventional short form: Kenya local long form: Republic of Kenya/Jamhuri ya Kenya local short form: Kenya former: British East Africa etymology: named for Mount Kenya; the meaning of the name is unclear but may derive from the Kikuyu, Embu, and Kamba words "kirinyaga," "kirenyaa," and "kiinyaa" - all of which mean "God's resting place" conventional long form: Republic of Kiribati conventional short form: Kiribati local long form: Republic of Kiribati local short form: Kiribati note: pronounced keer-ree-bahss former: Gilbert Islands etymology: the name is the local pronounciation of "Gilberts," the former designation of the islands; originally named after explorer Thomas GILBERT, who mapped many of the islands in 1788 conventional long form: Democratic People's Republic of Korea conventional short form: North Korea local long form: Choson-minjujuui-inmin-konghwaguk local short form: Choson abbreviation: DPRK etymology: derived from the Chinese name for Goryeo, which was the Korean dynasty that united the peninsula in the 10th century A.

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    Asked what the consequences of breaking the code would be, the Prime Minister's official spokeswoman said: 'Let's cross that bridge when it happens.' If they want to work full-time on a campaign they will have to resign their positions for the duration of the referendum, and their Government salary will be cut to reflect any part-time work for a campaign.

    The instructions came after David Cameron suspended the principle of collective responsibility on Saturday to allow ministers to campaign against the Government position of supporting continued UK membership of the EU.

    I am pretty sure this is just the tip of the iceberg as my husband and I work so we only catch people out if we happen to be in or driving past (which is in frequent).

    So I know what these people is doing is illegal but I can't actively police it so I need to deter people from parking on my driveway.

    Under the Civil Service guidance on the EU referendum sent by the Cabinet Secretary Jeremy Heywood today, they will all be at a disadvantage against their pro-EU colleagues It means Michael Gove, Iain Duncan Smith, Priti Patel, Theresa Villiers, Chris Grayling, John Whittingdale and around 15 junior ministers are barred from accessing official department papers that support their case for Britain to leave the EU.

    They will be unable to provide their ministers with briefing notes or speech preparation to make the case for leaving the EU but can use the same kind of resources to help ministers on the opposite side of the argument.

    It started out when we noticed the lady who delivers newspapers locally would park up on our drive (in front of our garage blocking our cars in) - she would then potter off and deliver a few papers before moving.

    We asked her to stop but had to catch her in the act three times until she did.

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    These rules will apply also to their special advisers.' Civil servants and ministers who breach the rules are likely to face disciplinary action.

    Mr Heywood writes: 'We can expect government publications to be scrutinised even more closely than usual and so it is especially important that the usual propriety principles of good administration are applied to ensure that material for publication is accurate, with facts and evidence clearly sourced wherever possible.' Mr Johnson invoked the glories of the British Empire and the leadership of Winston Churchill to say the country which gave the world parliamentary democracy should not subject itself to 'legal colonisation' from the EU.

    The Justice Secretary is one of David Cameron's closest friends - he was part of the 'kitchen cabinet' who encouraged him to run for the Tory leadership - and his decision to join the Out campaign on Saturday was the first major blow for the PM.

    She has railed against the 'democratic deficit' of the EU's institutions, adding: 'My experience in business is that organisations are only successful and efficient when they are accountable and flexible – and the EU is neither.'At the weekend he called for Britain to 'recover the powers we have lost' and said Cameron's pledge to reduce net immigration to the tens of thousands would be 'impossible' while remaining a member of the EU.

    Mr Gove's predecessor as Justice Secretary, Chris Grayling is a long-term Eurosceptic.

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